Freshwater Stingray fishing – 09 10 2011

UK angler Tim on a short return trip to Thailand decided to target the awesome Giant freshwater stingrays whilst stingray fishing at the Maeklong River.
Timing his visit to coincide with the daily tidal influx, the UK angler was soon positioned on a wide bend on the famous Area 51 stretch of the Maeklong River.
Large livebaits were mounted onto Owner Circle hooks before being positioned at various marks by the guides.
Tackle consisted of heavy duty Okuma stand up rods coupled with Okuma Makaira twin speed multipliers. Often the standard set up for Freshwater Stingray fishing.
With the tide slowly creeping up the river and water levels increasing the UK angler did not have long to wait before the Giant freshwater stingrays homed in on the baits.
A slow take saw the angler quickly attached to a small Giant Freshwater stingray which was soon beaten with the heavy duty Okuma rod and reel combination.
The Giant freshwater stingray measuring less than a metre in width was quickly unhooked before being inspected by scientists from Chulalongkorn University.
With the tidal influx approaching its highest point a further three Giant freshwater stingrays were soon hooked and landed in a short period of two hours with relatively low weights ranging between 20-55kg’s.
Each stingray was quickly examined by the scientists recording size, sex and various other scientific data.
As the day wore on Tim managed to hook a much larger specimen which proceeded to clamp tightly to the muddy substrate creating an unmovable dead weight.
After applying pressure for several minutes the stingray was prised from the riverbed before once again diving back down and resuming its grip on the bottom.
Several more minutes passed before Tim once again brought the stingray from the bottom, this time winding down hard and replacing plenty of line on the Okuma Makaira reel. This was real Freshwater Stingray fishing at its toughest.
The Giant Freshwater stingray glided about deep beneath the boat as the UK angler continued to pile on the pressure and crank the monster stingray up through the depths.
Soon after a large Giant freshwater stingray broke through the surface layers wildly flailing its tail!
The Giant freshwater stingray was gently eased over the waiting net before being made safe by the guides.
On transporting the Giant freshwater stingray to the riverside the stingray was observed to weigh an estimated 100kg’s with a width of approximately 1.4m’s.
The Giant freshwater stingray was quickly inspected by the veterinary scientists before trophy shots were snapped off and the River Monster was released back to the Maeklong River.

Freshwater Stingray fishing


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