Giant freshwater stingray fishing Maeklong River – 17 02 2013

The second day of the Polish groups Stingray fishing trip saw the group once again split into two with one group fishing in the estuary section of the tidal river and the other fishing Area 51 for Giant freshwater stingrays.

The Stingray fishing group was soon installed on a wide bend with baits placed at various intervals across the river.

After landing two stingrays the previous day the anglers confidence in getting some takes was fairly high.

It was not long before a series of plucks on the heavy duty stingray fishing rod developed into a full blown take with line being stripped from the reel.

Engaging the clutch and winding down into the Giant freshwater stingray saw the stingray fishing rod take on a healthy curve as it bent towards the water.

The stingray fishing boat swung round as the Giant freshwater stingray moved downstream and was allowed to be towed by the fish for several yards before the stingray characteristically clamped onto the bottom.

The Stingray fishing boat was repositioned above the Giant freshwater stingray and pressure was firmly applied from directly above.

After several minutes of continued pressure applied from directly above the Giant freshwater stingray was pulled off of the bottom causing it to embark on powerful run of twenty yards back upstream.

With the angler having to switch sides of the stingray fishing boat the stingray was soon brought under control and cranked up through the depths.

As the Giant freshwater stingray was brought up through the surface it thrashed its tail wildly as it was brought over the net.

The stingray was quickly made safe and transported to the bankside where it was estimated to weigh in the region of 60 kg’s.

After photography the stingray was released back into the tidal river.

With plenty of fishing time left to catch more Giant freshwater stingrays the anglers were soon back on the river stingray fishing.

During the course of the days stingray fishing they landed a further two more Giant freshwater stingrays weighing between 35-50kg’s.

With the tide beginning to return to the Guklf of Thailand the days stingray fishing came to an end.

The other group fishing for smaller native species faired equally as well landing various catfish and other native species during their day fishing in the Maeklong river estuary.

Giant freshwater stingray fishing Maeklong River


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