Giant freshwater stingray fishing Thailand 2011 – 03 03 2011

Tuomas from Finland decided to visit the Maeklong River in Samut Songkran on a short day fishing trip in search of monster Giant freshwater stingrays.
Timing his visit to coincide with the incoming tidal influx from the nearby Gulf of Thailand the European angler was soon positioned on a wide bend in the Area 51 section of the Maeklong River.
Several baits were positioned at various spots across the tidal river in readiness for the arrival of the Giant freshwater stingrays with the incoming tide.
After experiencing several mauled baits the Finnish angler finally connected with a Giant freshwater stingray after only an hour’s stingray fishing.
Winding down into the unseen Giant freshwater stingray caused the rod to bend violently into its battle curve and the boat to swing round sharply.
The captain expertly worked the makeshift rudder maneuvering the traditional fishing boat into a safer position before upping anchor and then starting the engine.
The boat was quickly positioned above the unseen freshwater stingray allowing the European angler to apply maximum pressure on the stingray from directly above.
The Giant freshwater stingray responded with an unstoppable burst of power ripping line from the tightened spool of the Okuma multiplier with ease.
After repositioning the boat several more times the freshwater stingray burrowed deeply into the muddy substrate causing the battle to come to an abrupt halt.
Tuomas heaved for all his might but was unable to shift the Giant freshwater stingray from its subterranean lair. Continued and determined pressure for the next fifteen minutes finally took its toll on the Giant freshwater stingray seeing the stingray slowly start to move across the bottom once again.
The battle raged on for a further hour and a half seeing the Giant freshwater stingray towing the boat several hundred yards up river.
With everything seemingly going to plan Tuomas slowly winched the unseen but clearly gigantic Giant freshwater stingray towards the surface.
With the leader clearly visible the monster Giant freshwater stingray suddenly exploded back into life diving deeply under the boat.
Second’s later disaster struck as the heavy weight fluorocarbon hook length was immediately parted on the hull of the boat.
As the rod sprang back causing the angler to be catapulted backwards the angler cursed his bad luck and wondered how big the unseen monster Giant freshwater stingray may have been

Giant freshwater stingray fishing Thailand 2011



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