Giant freshwater stingray fishing in Thailand – 19 02 2013

Mustad promoter and International angler Atle Hakonsen and his wife Emma returned to Thailand on another holiday fishing for Giant freshwater stingrays.

On arrival at the Maeklong River the anglers were soon positioned on a wide section of the Maeklong River with baits in position.

Timing their fishing to coincide with the incoming tide the anglers did not wait long before they received a take.

On winding down into the unseen Giant freshwater stingray the heavy duty stingray fishing outfit was soon being put through its paces by another Giant freshwater stingray.

A hard fought battle followed which saw Atle piling on the pressure and bringing the Giant freshwater stingray up after only fifteen minutes.

The Giant Freshwater stingray was estimated to weigh 40-50kg’s and was soon released after photography.

Emma followed up with another Giant freshwater stingray of a similar size thirty minutes later which she expertly played up through the depths.

With time still remaining on the daily high tide Atle continued stingray fishing and was soon into another Giant freshwater stingray.
The stingray on this occasion fought slightly harder and clamped onto the bottom on sevral occasions.

Each time the stingray was prised off the bottom with the heavy duty stingray fishing outfit before once again going to ground.

On the third attempt the Giant freshwater stingray was kept away from the bottom and was soon being played out under the stingray fishing boat.

Several minutes later the Giant freshwater stingray was brought over the waiting net where it was made safe by the guides.

The Giant freshwater stingray was estimated to weigh over 120kg’s and was quickly displayed for photography before being once again released back into the Maeklong River.

Giant freshwater stingray fishing in Thailand


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