Giant Siamese Carp fishing at Bungsamran Lake in Thailand – 28 10 2008

With recent heavy rains pushing up water levels at Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok local angler and Fishsiam Pro-guide Jeab visited the lake fishing for Giant Siamese Carp.
Fishing to a prebaited marginal area which had produced a 46.6kg specimen just two days previously, Jeab baited heavily with local groundbait laced with coconut milk and butter milk additives.
Jeab fished a 4oz Fox Method feeder combined with a long fluorocarbon leader attached to a short 3inch hooklink and Owner hook which was popped-up above a large ball of local groundbait.
Jeab caught a succession of Striped Catfish to 15kg’s in addition to several Mekong Catfish with weights to 27kg’s.
A large Giant Siamese Carp was seen to be visiting the baited area at regular intervals topping over the area and clearly feeding, sending up plumes of bubbles.
After what seemed like an eternity the anglers buoyant hookbait was finally picked up by his intended species.
An extremely fast take saw the beginning of a twenty minute battle which saw the large carp attempting to gain the sanctuary of the wooden fishing platform below.
Jeab expertly guided the charging carp from the dangerous snags below letting the fish head out to the centre of the lake.
The fish would attempt to reach the snags on several more occasions before it was finally netted some twenty minutes later by Nong Boy.
On hoisting the large carp onto the unhooking mat the fish was found to weigh 30kg’s.
The carp was carefully released after weighing and photography.


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