Giant Snakehead Fishing World Bangkok

Giant Snakehead Fishing World Bangkok – 18 08 2006

Robin Chan a returning customer from Singapore visited Fishing World Lake in Minburi. Escorted by Boy the pair fished at various parts of the lake from our resident boat. The anglers used a static approach fishing from a boat and casting lures into likely looking areas. After catching a small Barramundi and a few Black Pacu upto the 11kg mark Robin received an extremely aggressive take as he retrieved his top water lure. The surface exploded as a Giant Snakehead angrily shook its head trying to rid itself of the lure. After a harrowing ten minute fight a very large 8.6 kg Giant Snakehead was expertly netted by Boy. This was a particularly pleasing capture for Robin being a new personal best for the species

Giant Snakehead Fishing World Bangkok


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