Ian Welch Anglers Mail Giant Stingray Maeklong River  – 24 05 2008

Visiting Anglers Mail journalist Ian Welch joined the Fishsiam team on a Giant freshwater stingray fishing expedition to the Maeklong River.
After an unsuccessful two days spent on the Ban Pakong River which was hampered by bad weather conditions and the opening of the huge dams some hundreds of kilometres upstream it had been decided that the team would visit the infamous Area 51 section of the Maeklong River near Samut Songkran.
Corresponding the time of our visit with the incoming tide it was not long before a large prehistoric predator was attached to the end of Ian’s rod.
After a dogged thirty five minute battle a large Giant freshwater stingray was expertly secured by Boy.
The fish was taken to shallower water where photography and measurements were recorded.
The large female Giant freshwater stingray was estimated to weigh 140-150kg and had a wingspan of 1.8m.
One hour later the anglers would land another specimen estimated to weigh 70kg.
The entire events were captured on video and will be appearing in our video section.
In addition the capture of the Giant freshwater stingray will also be appearing in a three part series in the Anglers Mail in the coming weeks

Ian Welch Anglers Mail Giant Stingray Maeklong River


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