Japanese stingray fishing show – 10 03 2011

After stingray fishing on the previous day and not landing a Giant freshwater stingray Takuya once again returned to the Maeklong River in search of a monster Giant freshwater stingray.
With the incoming tide fast approaching the Japanese angler waited in readiness on a wide bend of the tidal river.
As tide reached its optimum level a subtle tapping on one of the rods indicated the presence of a Giant freshwater stingray deep below.
Takuya wound down into the unseen freshwater stingray causing the stingray to respond with a burst of power pulling line from the spool of the tightened multiplier.
The freshwater stingray moved powerfully away across the riverbed slowly pulling the fishing boat behind.
Takuya held on tightly as the stingray continued to pull line from the reel before coming to a sudden halt.
With the freshwater stingray deeply embedded under the muddy riverbed the angler applied as much pressure as he dared to remove the fish from the mud.
After almost ten minutes of trying the Giant freshwater stingray was finally prised from the muddy bottom and brought into mid water.
Ten minutes later a good sized Giant freshwater stingray surfaced next to the boat and was quickly brought over the waiting net.
The Giant freshwater stingray was identified as being a female and measured at a width of 1.39m’s. The Giant freshwater stingray was estimated to weigh 95-100kg’s and was released after photography.
After returning to the same fishing area Takuya would hook an unseen monster Giant freshwater stingray which he would valiantly battle for almost three hours.
Unfortunately luck was not on the Japanese angler’s side on this occasion and the Giant freshwater stingray was lost due to a hook breakage

Japanese stingray fishing show


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