Lure fishing Barramundi in Bangkok – 31 08 2010

A short trip from Bangkok saw Italian lure fisherman Paolo Ceppi arriving at the Barramundi ponds in Bangkok for a short lure fishing session.
On inspection of the complex it was apparent that all of the fishing ponds had fish showing in large numbers.
After attaching a Cultiva sub surface lure to his line the angler cast into the nearest pond and rapidly retrieved the lure.
On the first retrieve the tip of the rod slammed over as a highly acrobatic Barramundi struck the lure aggressively.
After ensuring the hooks were firmly set the angler kept a tight line on the fish as it launched itself skyward angrily shaking its head.
Several more aerial displays followed until the fish was finally subdued and brought to the waiting net.
After releasing the Barramundi at the waters edge the angler once again cast out his lure towards showing fish.
Each time the lure hit the water it was quickly followed before being struck with force by the hungry Barramundi.
After catching a few more fish the angler moved onto an adjoining pond and began to make a series of casts.
After firing out a shiny Owner Cultiva lure the angler varied the retrieve of the lure with short bursts of speed.
The lure was followed right into the bank by a sizable Barramundi which turned away at the last moment.
Another cast a short distance from the bank saw the lure hit after only a few turns of the reel.
The light weight spinning outfit was quickly pulled into full battle curve with line being dragged off of the tightened clutch of the reel.
A hectic ten minute battle followed which saw a large Barramundi hurling itself from the water and thrashing its head from side to side in an effort to rid itself of the hook.
After some last minute acrobatics the Barramundi was finally brought to the waiting net and hoisted onto the grassy bank.
The Barramundi was weighed at a weight of 6kg+ and was released after photography.
Paolo continued to fish for a further few hours and caught another twenty or so Barramundi with weights ranging between 2-5kg’s.

Lure fishing Barramundi in Bangkok


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