Lure fishing in Thailand IT Monsters – 28 10 2009

The third day of the Danish angler’s fishing holiday saw the European anglers once again on the banks of IT Lake Monsters.

After an early start the anglers soon were back into their routine of casting lures out into the lake.
Just as on the previous morning the Alligator Gar wasted no time in ferociously attacking the hard bodied lures presented by the European anglers. The anglers fished well throughout the morning landing a succession of hungry predatory fish with several good sized Alligator Gars to an estimated 16lb’s. The Pacu also greedily homed in on the anglers lures resulting in several highly acrobatic displays as the fish tried to rid themselves of the lures.

As the sun started to rise higher in the midday sky the lure fishing began to slow down with the anglers experiencing fewer strikes from the fish. After a short break for lunch the Danish anglers resumed fishing and assembled deadbait rigs on their rods.
Mounting large fillets of mackerel onto sharp Owner predator hooks the anglers cast their baits to previously baited marginal spots.

The anglers landed a series of Redtail Catfish with fish banked with estimated weights of between fifteen and twenty-six kg’s.

A change over to Tilapia livebaits soon produced a take after being cast to a fish showing further out into the lake.
On setting the hook the fish immediately threw itself out of the water revealing the stunning green colouration of an Amazonian Tambaqui.
The close relative of the Pacu and Piranha embarked on a series of powerful acrobatic displays throwing itself clear of the water on each occasion.

After a lively ten minute tussle the Tambaqui was finally brought into netting range where it was scooped into the landing net on the first attempt.
The deep bodied Amazonian Tambaqui was estimated to weigh 8kg’s and was released after a short photo session.

Further casts with livebaits resulted in yet more action with Thomas landing a Giant Snakehead of around 5kg’s.

Ole added several more Redtail Catfish and a bonus Arapaima as the afternoon continued to produce further predators.

At the end of the days angling the Danish anglers had amassed a twenty-six fish capture topped by the beautiful and rarely seen Tambaqui.


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