Maeklong River Giant Freshwater stingray Fishing Thailand – 15 02 2012

Atle and Emma continued their Thailand fishing holiday Giant freshwater Stingray fishing at the Maeklong River in Samut Songkran.
Timing their session to coincide with the incoming tide the anglers were soon positioned on a wide bend of the river with baits placed at various intervals across the river.
It was not long before one of the baits was picked up by a stingray. On winding down into the Giant freshwater stingray it soon became apparent that the stingray was only a small specimen as it was quickly winched up to the surface.
The Giant freshwater stingray was estimated to weigh a mere 7kg’s and was quickly returned after a few pictures were taken.
As the tide continued to rise the anglers received another take from a slightly larger specimen which was soon brought up from the depths.
The Giant freshwater stingray was estimated to weigh 15kg’s and after a few trophy shots was released back into the river.
With the incoming tide still rising the anglers waited for almost an hour as large floating rafts of vegetation were washed upstream.
When the tide had almost reached its highest point the anglers received two takes in quick succession seeing them both landing further Giant freshwater stingrays of 20kg’s and 30kg’s respectively.
After the short but hectic feeding spell no further Giant freshwater stingray action was forthcoming before the tidal river began to recede back toward the nearby Gulf of Thailand.

Maeklong River Giant Freshwater stingray Fishing Thailand


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