Maeklong River Stingray fishing Thailand – 25 02 2013

Finland angler Rami and his partner decided to include a two day fishing trip into their Maeklong River Stingray  fishing holiday.
Starting their fishing trip at the Maeklong River they fished in a wide section of the tidal river with large livebaits for the famous Giant freshwater stingray which inhabit the river.
As the tide began to push up the river levels the anglers experienced several crushed baits but failed to catch any stingrays.
The days Thailand stingray fishing trip to the Maeklong River saw only a short period for bite times lasting only four hours on this particular day reducing the chances of catching numbers of stingrays quite substantially.
After repositioning the baits on several occasions without any further action the days stingray fishing trip was soon due to end.
A slight plucking at one of the baits soon had the anglers full attention and he was soon winding into a Giant freshwater stingray.
The Giant freshwater stingray was clearly only a small specimen and it was soon brought to the surface where it angrily thrashed its tail.
The Giant freshwater stingray was quickly brought onboard the stingray fishing boat where it was promptly unhooked and photographed.
The Giant freshwater stingray was estimated to weigh only 20kg’s and was quickly returned to the river after a few trophy shots.
The days stingray fishing ended shortly after when the river levels had fallen to there lowest level.
Rami retired to the riverside hotel and got a good nights rest in readiness for predator fishing at IT Lake Monsters on the following day

Maeklong River Stingray fishing Thailand


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