Maeklong River Thailand Giant Stingray Fishing – 13 04 2013

Nick and David anglers from the UK decided to try a day fishing for Giant freshwater stingrays during their Thailand fishing holiday.

After arriving the night before the anglers were up early in readiness to begin fishing for the Giant freshwater stingrays.

After a quick journey down river the anglers were soon positioned in a wide section of the tidal Maeklong River Thailand with baits placed at various intervals across the river.

After quite some time with the tidal river at its highest point the anglers retrieved their baits to find some of them had been crushed by stingrays.

On re positioning the baits they did not have long to wait until a Giant freshwater stingray took interest in their fresh baits and began to move off upriver.

After winding down into the unseen Giant freshwater stingray the heavy duty Giant freshwater stingray fishing rod was soon being put through its paces.

With clearly a big Giant freshwater stingray obviously on the line the angler patiently played the stingray for almost an hour as it continually clamped onto the riverbed in an attempt to evade capture.

The epic battle continued past the hour point and began to show signs of tiring as the long protracted periods being clamped to the bottom began to become much shorter.

After once again lifting the Giant freshwater stingray off of the bottom the angler managed to get several turns of line onto the reel keeping the stingray away from the bottom.

With the Giant freshwater stingray now in mid water the fight became much easier with the angler slowly winching the stingray up through the water column towards the waiting net.

Moments later as the stingray broke through the surface wildly thrashing its tail it was brought over the net and carefully secured at the boat side.

The Giant freshwater stingray was quickly transported to the riverside where it was estimated to weigh in the excess of 200kg’s.

The stingray was released soon after photography and swam off strongly.

With still some time left for stingray fishing the anglers returned to the same area of tidal river and started fishing again.

David also was soon hooked up with another Giant freshwater Stingray which he played for some time. Unfortunately the Giant freshwater stingray on this occasion was lost some time into the battle.

With one monster stingray already landed and one further Giant freshwater stingray lost during another battle the days Thailand stingray fishing came to an end and the UK anglers returned to the airport for the next stage of their Thailand fishing holiday

Maeklong River Thailand Giant Stingray Fishing


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