Massive Barramundi caught Barramundi fishing in Thailand – 24 01 2008

Two Singapore clients visited the Barramundi ponds complex with Boy. The anglers fished with a roving approach fishing in various ponds and offering a variety of lures in an attempt to catch the highly energetic Barramundi.
After three or four hours of lure fishing ,catching upwards of fifteen fish a gigantic Barramundi threw itself clear of the water in an attempt to rid itself of the anglers diving lure.
A fifteen minute battle followed which saw the big Barramundi throwing its body out of the water in an acrobatic attempt to evade its impending capture!
With a few fraught seconds near the net the massive Barramundi was finally netted.
The extremely large specimen was found to weigh in the excess of 12 kgs and one of the largest fish we have caught from the Barramundi fishing ponds near Bangkok.

Massive Barramundi caught Barramundi fishing in Thailand


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