Miss Japan 2006 Fishing for Catfish Bungsamran Lake – 09 11 2009

Another visit by TBS Network from Japan saw the Fishsiam team engaged in another television production.
This time the world famous TV network brought along another famous visitor in the form of Miss Japan 2006 Miss Kurara Chibana.

After arriving at Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok the former Japanese beauty queen fished on the public bank with the guidance of Boy.
After showing the film crew a step by step demonstration of the fishing process involved in the capture of Mekong Catfish, fishing commenced.

Casting towards the central part of the lake saw the float landing amongst a group of showing fish.
Moments later the sliding float was dragged beneath the surface as a Mekong Catfish moved away powerfully with the bait.

A ten minute battle followed which saw the Japanese beauty queen battling the unseen Mekong Catfish.
Finally the fish was brought to the waiting landing net where it was scooped up on the first attempt.

The Mekong Catfish was estimated to weigh 15kg’s and was released shortly after photography.

Recasting the rod resulting in an immediate reaction as the float on this occasion failed to surface and line began to be ripped from the spool of the reel.

Another Mekong Catfish of an estimated 25kg’s was soon landed and quickly released after a few trophy shots.

Further Mekong Catfish and Striped Catfish soon followed with relatively low weights of between 8-16kg’s.

After a short break for lunch the film crew and former Miss Japan began fishing again.
Casting the rods back towards showing fish in the central part of the lake soon resulted in another take.

This occasion the fish felt much larger and proceeded to charge across the lake to the far side on a fast unstoppable run.
The Japanese beauty queen battled the fish for over thirty minutes pumping the fish back across the lake towards the fishing platform.

The Mekong Catfish rolled in the nearby margins revealing a fish of a much larger stamp and causing the anglers to play the monster Catfish with great care.

Several more fraught minutes passed as the Mekong Catfish attempted to cut the anglers off on nearby underwater supports.
The Mekong Catfish was steered away from the danger area where it embarked in a series of short runs in the nearby margins.

Moments later the Mekong Catfish was expertly netted by Boy instantly filling the large landing net.
With the assistance of another fellow angler the monster catfish was hoisted onto the unhooking mat.

The gigantic Mekong Catfish was weighed at a weight of 55kg’s and was proudly held aloft as the film crew recorded events.
After a few short minutes on the unhooking mat the fish was carefully slipped back into the lake.

Miss Japan continued fishing for a further two hours catching several more good sized Mekong Catfish.
At the end of the short day session the Japanese beauty queen had captured over fourteen fish topped by the monster Mekong Catfish weighing 55kg’s


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