More Monster Catfish in Bangkok – 30 04 2009

German specimen hunter Peter Lipah returned once again to Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok in search of Giant Siamese Carp and Mekong Catfish.
Choosing to fish from the public bank the angler fished with local groundbait tightly moulded onto 4 oz Fox Method feeders.
Fluoro leaders attached to braided hooklinks with super sharp Owner hooks completed the set-up which was fished over a large bed of groundbait close to nearby snags.

It was not long before Peter was attached to the first fish of the day which proceeded to charge out towards the centre of the lake in true Mekong Catfish style.
Peter commenced battle with the catfish applying copious amounts of side strain in an attempt to slow the fish’s powerful runs.
After fifteen minutes the Mekong Catfish was finally landed and hoisted onto the unhooking mat.
The fish was observed to be a particularly old fish with ragged fins and several scars on its flanks.
The Mekong Catfish was estimated to weigh 25kg’s and was released after photography.

After rebaiting the area and recasting the rods Peter settled down into a consistent pattern of landing Mekong and Striped Catfish.
On several occasions both rods went off at the same time requiring Nok to assist in playing the fish.

At the end of the days angling the German big fish ace had successfully landed fourteen fish with Striped Catfish to 10kg’s and several good sized Mekong Catfish to an estimated 34kg’s.


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