Monster stingray Maeklong River Thailand – 05 05 2015

The second day of Atle and Roberts Thailand stingray trip saw them fishing even further down the river in search of monster stingray.
After landing a smaller stingray in the early part of the day the anglers waited patiently for the next take.
The take was soon forthcoming and once again saw the anglers engaged in another epic battle with a monster Giant freshwater stingray.
With the heavy duty Okuma stand up rod at full compression the stingray was clearly a large specimen.
The battle raged on for a considerable period before the Giant freshwater stingray was finally brought up from the muddy riverbed.
After slowly bringing the Giant freshwater stingray up from beneath the boat, the large form of a Giant freshwater stingray appeared from the depths.
Slowly gliding beneath the boat the Giant freshwater stingray was gradually brought closer to the surface.
After a few fraught moments at netting the stingray languished beside the boat in all its prehistoric splendour.
With a width of over two metres the Monster stingray was estimated to weigh 230-245kg’s.
The stingray was released after a short photo session back into the Maeklong River.
The Giant freshwater stingray was caught on Okuma heavy duty stand up rod fitted with a large Okuma Makaira multiplier coupled with heavy duty mono and Mustad circle hook.

Monster stingray Maeklong River Thailand


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