Monsters of the Deep! Nat Geo Stingray show – 07 03 2009

The Fishsiam team returned once again fishing at the Maeklong River in Samut Songkran in Central Thailand for Giant Freshwater stingrays.
Fishing alongside a National Geographic TV production team the anglers had only just began fishing when a violent take indicated a Giant freshwater stingray had picked up the bait.
Winding down hard into the fish saw the rod being bent down sharply towards the water as a large giant freshwater stingray made a series of powerful runs.
Exerting maximum pressure for almost forty minutes saw Boy finally lifting the Giant freshwater stingray from the bottom.
Quickly regaining line back on the reel saw the fish fought out in the relative safety of the middle layers of the river.
Soon the monster stingray was languishing just below the surface alongside the boat in the folds of the net.
After transporting the large female Giant freshwater stingray to the riverside the anglers measured it at a width of over 2 m’s and estimated the stingray to weigh 190-200kg’s.
The Giant freshwater stingray was released soon after all measurements and scientific data had been collected.

The results of the Thailand stingray fishing trip to the Maeklong River can be seen in a National Geographic show later in the year called Hooked ! Monsters of the deep.

Monsters of the Deep! Nat Geo Stingray show


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