Pirarucu fishing IT Lake Monsters Thailand. – 07 11 2009

Day five of Andy and Rob’s Monster fishing holiday began with yet another early start on the banks of IT Lake Monsters.
The anglers chose to fish with lures in the early part of the day and cast a variety of Rapala and Cultiva artificial lures at fish that showed regularily around the lake.

Both anglers were soon connected to hungry predators with a nice sized Asian Redtail Catfish and an Alligator Gar soon being brought to the bank on light spinning outfits. Several more Alligator Gar’s followed with weights to an estimated 7.5kg’s in addition to a few Pacu of similar average weights. A quiet spell just after midday saw the anglers change over to carp fishing tactics fishing with method feeders loaded with locally produced groundbaits. After heavily baiting a marginal area the angler’s swung out large method balls to the baited area. A series of Rohu and Small Scaled Mud Carp followed for the next two hours with both anglers catching several Asian Carp species to 10-12lb’s.

With the onset of the afternoon the anglers changed over to deadbaits prompting an immediate response from the predators.
A large Redtail Catfish was the first to fall for a deadbait giving a good account of itself in the nearby margins.
The Redtail Catfish was finally landed and was estimated to weigh 25kg’s before being quickly photographed and returned to the lake.

The days fishing progressed in much the same fashion with both anglers landing several other Redtail Catfish to just under thirty kg’s.

The anglers also added to their tally of Pacu with more fish to an estimated 6.5kg’s in addition to catching a small Arapaima of about 20kg’s.

At the end of the days highly productive angling session the UK fishermen had landed over twenty predatory fish topped by some quality Redtail Catfish to almost 30kg’s.


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