Predator fishing Bung Buk Lake in Thailand – 27 09 2008

After the previous days success whilst fishing with a Singaporean client,Boy and Jeab returned to the Bung Buk lake just outside Bangkok.
Fishing a combination of livebaits and lures the anglers captured various predatory species with the best fish of the day caught by Jeab on a surface lure,being a nice sized Striped Snakehead of 4lb’s.
In addition the anglers also caught several specimen sized Spotted Featherbacks to 3.5kg’s as well as several Marbled Sand Goby to 1.75lb’s.
The anglers also caught a few slightly more obscure species whilst fishing the new venue with a small Blotched Snakehead caught whilst lure fishing and a Kisssing Gourami caught whilst float fishing in the nearby margins

Predator fishing Bung Buk Lake in Thailand


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