Predator fishing in Thailand – 25 03 2011

Tim from the UK began his Thailand fishing holiday with a Predator fishing trip to Ratchaburi province predator fishing at IT Lake Monsters for monster fish.
After an early start the angler arrived at the lake and immediately began lure fishing with Cultiva and Rapala lures.
With hordes of hungry predators regularly showing around the lake Tim stealthily approached each swim and quietly cast towards showing fish.
After several slow retrieves the lure was savagely grabbed by an unseen predatory fish which stripped several yards of line from the tightened clutch of the reel.
Tim played the fish carefully with the medium weight spinning outfit letting the fish plough around in open water.
After several minutes a bright red tail surfaced several yards out in the lake revealing the fish to be an Asian Redtail Catfish.
The Asian Redtail Catfish was slowly brought towards the net before being scooped up and placed on the grassy bank.
The Asian Redtail Catfish was estimated to weigh 10kg’s and was quickly released after pictures were taken.
Further casts resulted in a succession of Pacu and Alligator Gar which greedily homed in on the anglers lures.
After a short break for lunch Tim changed over to deadbait and was straight into more predators.
On this occasion a lively Spotted Sorubim had taken a liking for the angler’s mackerel fillet deadbait charging off round the lake.
Ten minutes later a stunning Spotted Sorubim lay on the unhooking mat of an estimated 15kg’s croaking loudly.
After hooking several more Redtail Catfish between 10-20kg’s sport slowed down and a change of swim was called for.
On moving around the lake the unmistakable sight of an Arapaima rising caught the angler’s attention.
Tim gently lobbed a deadbait in the Arapaima’s path and watched his line intently.
Minutes later the Arapaima surfaced once again well away from the bait causing the angler to recast once again into the Arapaima’s path.
On this occasion Tim’s braided mainline slowly started cutting through the water as the angler waited several seconds before firmly setting the hook.
The Arapaima responded by launching itself from the water angrily shaking its head in an attempt to shed the hook before diving deeply back into the lake and taking off down the nearby margins.
Tim followed the fish along the bank quickly regaining line back onto the reel as the Arapaima once again leapt clear of the water.
After several more violent and powerful lunges the Arapaima was ready for netting and was quickly netted and transferred to a holding cage for recovery.
The Arapaima although only weighing just under 20kg’s had fought extremely hard and was allowed a short period for recovery before photographs were taken.
Tim fished well throughout the day catching over twenty monster fish with several different predatory monster fish species topped by a some quality Redtail Catfish.


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