Predator fishing Thailand Lake Monsters – 27 10 2009

Thomas and Ole from Denmark visited IT Lake Monsters in search of Arapaima and other monster fish.
On arrival the anglers began to make a series of casts into the lake in an attempt to induce a take from one of the many predators that reside in the lake.
Carefully drawing Rapala lures through the water soon saw the predators taking interest with a series of savage strikes from Alligator Gar.

Both anglers landed several Alligator Gars in the first hour averaging around the fifteen pound region.
Regularily changing the pattern of the lures kept the Danish anglers in contact with the fish and saw the anglers both landing Redtail Catfish of an estimated 20kg’s.

With the sun approaching its highest point the lure fishing started to slow down with only the odd Pacu falling for their artificial offerings.

After a short break for lunch the anglers attached live bait rigs to their rods in an effort to tempt some of the larger predatory species which showed at regular intervals around the lake.

Casting the livebaits out into the central part of the lake soon saw line being stripped from one of the reels.
Quickly engaging the clutch on the reel saw the rod hoop over as a much larger predator moved off with the small Tilapia livebait.
A dogged battle commenced which saw the unseen predator charging off across the lake in a series of deep runs.

Ten minutes later the fish boiled on the surface displaying a bright red tail and revealing the fish to be a large Redtail Catfish.
The monster catfish was promptly netted before being hoisted onto the unhooking mat.
The Redtail Catfish was estimated to weigh over 30kg’s and was released after a few trophy shots.

Both anglers enjoyed non stop sport throughout the afternoon with both anglers catching several more good sized Redtail Catfish.
In addition the anglers caught two small Arapaima which were estimated to weigh fifteen and twenty five kg’s.


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