Snakehead fishing Pilot 111 – 27 06 2012

European angler Eric whilst on a short holiday in Thailand decided to try his hand at some lure fishing at Pilot 111 fishing ponds near Bangkok.

On arrival the angler began fishing on one of the Snakeheads ponds which are exclusively stocked with only Snakehead.

The Europeran angler was soon casting his lures into likely looking areas in an attempt to induce the predatory snakeheads to strike.

After several retrieves the anglers lure was savagely attacked only for the line to fall back limp as the Snakehead expelled the lure.

Further casts saw the wily snakehead following lures right back to the bank before veering away at the last moment.

After over forty minutes of lure fishing Eric finally managed to set the hook into his chosen target species and after a short but spirited fight the Giant Snakehead was soon laying in the landing net.

The Giant Snakehead weighed approximately 3kg’s and was quickly released back into the fishing pond.

Further casts saw yet more Giant Snakehead and Striped Snakehead striking at the lures with the angler going on to bank several more Snakehads in quick succession before sport quietened down.

After moving onto an adjacent pond the angler was soon back amongst the Giant snakeheads landing several fish around the 4kg mark.

With the sun already risen to its highest point the angler decided to stop for a break and refreshment at the onsite restaurant.

After a short stop for refreshments the angler was once again lure fishing at another pond this time stocked with Barramundi.

After sevral more retrieves the angler was once again connected to a Barramundi which proceeded to embark on a series of jumps in an effort to rid itself of the trebles.
After a short five minute battle the Barramundi was brought to the bank where it was quickly unhooked and slipped back into the fishing pond.

Eric persevered and went on to catch several more Barramundi before being drawn back to the Snakehead fishing ponds for the last hour of fishing.

In the last hour of Snakehead fishing Eric managed to land several more Snakehead with Giant Snakehead to 4.5kg and Striped Snakehead to2kg’s falling for his lure fishing tactics.

After almost six hours of lure fishing the angler ended his days fishing and made the short trip back to Bangkok to continue his Thailand holiday.

Snakehead fishing Pilot 111


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