Stingray fishing at Mae Klong River January 2017

UK angler Steve and Tim Webb start 2017 with a Giant Stingray fishing trip at the Mae Klong River in Samut Songkran.

After previously landing a River Monster on his last trip at the Mae Klong River, Tim from Palm Tree Lagoon accompanied by UK angler Steve returned to the river to fish for Giant freshwater Stingrays.
With baits in position the anglers waited patiently for a few hours before one of the floats burst into life. On winding down into the unseen stingray the rod took up a healthy bend and the battle commenced.
The Giant freshwater stingray made a series of short but powerful runs each time pulling several yards of line from the tightened clutch of the Okuma Makaira multiplier reel.
The Giant freshwater stingray was brought off the bottom on several occasions each time diving back down and clamping onto the riverbed.
After repeated attempts to raise the stingray and copious amounts of pressure applied from directly above with the rod the stingray finally released its grip of the bottom.
Slowly but surely the Giant freshwater stingray was winched up towards the surface where it was netted on the first attempt.
After transporting the stingray to the rivers edge it was estimated to weigh in the region of 70-80 kg’s and was photographed before release.
Despite fishing on for a further few hours no further stingrays were landed.

Giant Freshwater Stingrays


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