Stingray Fishing Maeklong River – 16 02 2012

After successfully landing four smallish Giant freshwater stingrays fishing at the Maeklong River on the previous day the anglers moved slightly downstream in search of bigger stingrays.
After anchoring the boat on a wide bend of the river the anglers soon had baits placed across the section of river.
It was not long before the anglers were attached to the first Giant freshwater stingray of the day which was landed very quickly due to it weighing only 15kg’s.
Three further Giant freshwater stingrays soon followed in quick succession with unusually low weight between 10 and 20kg’s.
As the afternoon wore on and the tide was reaching its highest level a much larger specimen picked up the bait.
On winding down into the unseen Giant freshwater stingray it soon became apparent that the stingray was a much larger fish which began to strip line from the Okuma Multiplier reel before clamping on to the riverbed.
Piling on the pressure from directly above soon had the stingray on the move and brought off of the bottom where it put a healthy bend into the heavy stand up rod.
After clamping onto the bottom on several more occasions the stingray was finally brought off the bottom once again where it wallowed in mid water for several minutes as it was slowly winched up towards the surface.
As the stingray broke through the surface it wildly flailed its tail as the net was pushed underneath it.
The Giant freshwater stingray was promptly transported to the riverside where it was estimated to weigh 100kg’s+.
After a few trophy shots were taken the stingray was quickly released back into the Mae Klong River signaling an end to the days stingray fishing.

Stingray Fishing Maeklong River



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