Stingray Thailand Man vs Monster – 07 05 2012

Richard Terry National Geographic explorer and host of Man vs Monster visited the Maeklong River in Thailand.
After fishing on the first day without landing a Giant freshwater stingray Richard returned on the following day in search of the elusive monster fish.
After fishing through much of the daytime tide and receiving several aborted takes the angler was finally rewarded with a strong determined bite.
With the rod bent over into full battle curve Richard Terry hung on tightly as the unseen Giant freshwater stingray powered off upstream.
A short but spirited battle ensued which saw the Giant freshwater stingray slowly brought up from the depths.
Moments later the Giant freshwater stingray broke through the surface layers of the river wildly thrashing its tail against the side of the boat.
The tail was quickly made safe and wrapped with a bandage before the fish was taken to the riverside for inspection.
On arrival at the riverside the Giant freshwater stingray was estimated to weigh between 40-50kg’s and inspected by scientists from Chulalongkorn University.
After a short spell in front of the cameras the Giant freshwater stingray was quickly released back into the Maeklong River.
To see the full battle between Richard Terry and the Giant freshwater stingray tune into Nat Geo Wild to watch Man vs Monster.

Stingray Thailand Man vs Monster


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