Striped Catfish fishing in Thailand – 25 12 2009

UK angler Mark after already landing various big fish on his Thailand fishing holiday visited Now Nam Lake near Bangkok.
After an early start the angler fished at a quiet area on the main fishing platform using a combination of inline cage feeders and sliding float set up’s.
Regular casting of the rods soon had the swim filling up with groundbait and starting to show signs of fish in the area.
After a short period of fishing time had passed a high speed run on one of the rods signaled the arrival of the fish.
After a lively five minute battle a small Striped Catfish was brought over the waiting net which was estimated to weigh 15lb’s.
Further Striped Catfish soon followed with relatively low weights of between 7-12kg’s taking a liking for the anglers flavoured groundbait approach.
After a lull in sport and a break for lunch the angler resumed fishing and topped up the swim liberally with groundbait.
Mark had to wait almost an hour for his next bite which was a very delicate and finicky take that slowly removed line from the spool of the reel.
On setting the hook the fish broke through the surface revealing a stunning Big Head Carp which dived back down into the depths before making a very fast run towards the centre of the lake.
After stopping the initial run the angler soon had the fish under control bringing the fish back towards the fishing platform.
With the exception of a few fraught moments at the time of netting the Big Head Carp was finally netted and hoisted onto the fishing platform.
The Big Head Carp was not a particularily big fish but was a particularily pleasing capture and a new species for the angler.
The stunning Big Head Carp was estimated to weigh 17lb’s and was released after a few trophy shots.
The rest of the days fishing passed in much the same fashion with the angler having bouts of fish activity and catching several fish and then waiting for prolonged periods to catch again.
At the end of the days fishing Mark had captured a double figure haul of Striped Catfish with a bonus Big Head Carp of an estimated 17lb’s.

Striped Catfish fishing in Thailand


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