Thailand angling Giant freshwater stingrays. – 20 10 2013

Another giant freshwater stingrays fishing trip to the Maeklong River saw the Fishsiam team angling on a wide section of the river.
After positioning the floats at various points across the river the anglers sat back and waited for further developments.
Timing the trip to coincide with a rising tide the anglers watched the floats closely waiting for any indication of a take.
With the river reaching its optimum height one of the floats started to move slowly upstream.
On winding down into the unseen Giant freshwater stingray the rod was wrenched down as a strong determined run began to remove line from the tightened spool of the multiplier reel.
An epic battle followed that saw the Giant freshwater stingray embarking on a series of powerful runs before going to ground each time and clamping onto the riverbed.
The exhausting battle wound on through first one hour and then two hours before the Giant freshwater stingray could be removed from the muddy riverbed.
After applying copious amounts of pressure from high above the Giant freshwater stingray finally was brought into mid water where it kited around under the boat.
The heavy duty stand up rod was put through its paces as it took the weight of a very large Giant freshwater stingray several metres below.
With very little energy left in reserve the anglers slowly winched the freshwater stingray up through the final few metres of water where it exploded through the surface thrashing its prehistoric tail.
The Giant freshwater stingray was quickly brought over the net before being safely tied to the side of the boat.
After making the stingrays barb safe with a bandage the stingray was quickly transported to the riverside.
On inspection the heavy duty Owner circle hook had taken a real battering being bent out of shape.
The Giant freshwater stingray was measured at width of 2.4m+ and was estimated to weigh possibly 250kg.
With trophy shots quickly taken the stingray was carefully released back into the Maeklong River where it swam away strongly.

Thailand angling Giant freshwater stingrays.


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