Thailand Carp angling at Palm Tree Lagoon – 22 10 2013

On arrival at the lake no time was wasted in moulding groundbait around large feeders which were cast towards showing fish.
It did not take long before one of the carp rods was away and the first fish of the day powered off across the lake.

The fish ploughed a round in the centre of the lake for a few minutes before being brought under control and led to the waiting net.
On netting the lovely Giant Siamese Carp the fish was estimated to weigh 20kgs and quickly released after a few trophy shots.

Further casts produced several Suwai or Striped Catfish weighing around 10kg before the swim went quiet.

The predator rod stayed very quiet and yielded no fish during the morning.
After a break for lunch the anglers returned and cast out to their baited area. It was not long before another Striped Catfish was brought to the net of a similar size.

A fast take on the predator rod provided a brief moment of excitement as the rid was bent double but unfortunately the unseen predator spat the hook leaving the anglers to wonder what had picked up the bait.

As the afternoon wore on an angler on the other side caught a very large carp, but unfortunately on our side of the lake only the Striped Catfish seemed to be interested in our baits.

After moving the position of the baits twice only to connect with more Striped Catfish we had already amassed a nine fish capture consisting of eight Striped Catfish and one Giant Siamese Carp.

With daylight hours just beginning to fade another take on the predator rod saw the rod bent well over into a good fish.
After five minutes the rod sprang back and the line fell limp as another predator escaped capture.

A slightly unlucky day’s carp angling for us on this occasion but still great fun and packed with excitement.


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