Thailand fishing Bull Sharks and Stingrays – 31 03 2015

The second and final day of the Thailand stingray fishing trip at the Maeklong River saw the Fishsiam team fishing further down the Maeklong River for Giant freshwater stingrays.
It wasn’t long before the team was attached to another Giant freshwater stingray which was promptly landed on the heavy fishing gear.
The Giant freshwater stingray was estimated to weigh 50kg’s and was released after a scientific examination by scientists from Chulalongkorn University.
The following few hours saw no Giant freshwater stingrays landed but did see the team land two Bull Sharks topped by a 25kg specimen from the brackish waters close to the estuary.
As the afternoon passed the team landed two more Giant freshwater stingrays weighing 140kg and 70kg.
Both Giant freshwater stingrays were quickly examined before being carefully released back into the Maeklong River.
With the TV crew reaching their three fish limit fishing at the Maeklong River came to an end.
The days fishing and filming at the Maeklong River in Thailand had been a most productive day seeing some big Giant freshwater stingrays landed to 140kg in addition to the surprise capture of two Bull Sharks all caught on film by the Japanese film crew

Thailand fishing Bull Sharks and Stingrays


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