Thailand Fly fishing Barramundi ponds in Bangkok – 22 12 2008

David and John visiting anglers from Australia and the UK joined the FishSiam team at the Barramundi fishing ponds in Chachoengsao near Bangkok.
On arriving at the lake the anglers assembled their # 8 Fly fishing outfits in readiness for a hectic days fly fishing.
Adopting a roving approach the anglers fished at various ponds on the complex accurately casting their carefully presented flies at showing fish.
An explosive strike saw John’s rod bent into full fighting curve as a Barramundi launched itself skywards in an attempt to rid itself of the anglers fly!
The centre pin reel span violently as the angler tried to regain some control over the fish as time after time it angrily shook its head trying to rid itself of the fly.
After a ten minute battle the large Barramundi was brought to the bank before being expertly gloved by Boy.
After hoisting the fish up with the Boca grip the fish pulled the balance down to a pleasing 5kg’s.
David was soon into another hard fighting Barramundi which fought equally as hard as it leapt out of the water shaking its head.
The anglers fished well throughout the day landing a succession of acrobatic Barramundi with both anglers catching fish upto the 5-5.5kg mark.
Making subtle changes in their presentations rewarded the anglers with fish after fish as they aggressively hit the artificial flies.
After fishing for a short six hour session the anglers had amassed a jointly caught twenty five fish capture with specimens ranging between 2.5 and 5.5kg’s

Thailand Fly fishing Barramundi ponds in Bangkok


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