Thailand freshwater stingray fishing – 11 02 2011

Returning client Jamie from the UK visited the Maeklong River in Thailand stingray fishing for Giant freshwater stingrays.
On arrival at the Maeklong River the angler began stingray fishing on a wide section of the tidal river which has previously produced monster stingrays for the team.
After placing large Snakehead baits at various points across the tidal river Jamie waited patiently for the incoming tide.
With the water level of the river slowly creeping up and various floating debris being carried up the river it was not long before the river was at full capacity.
As the current of the river began to slow the river suddenly changed becoming much calmer and still as conditions approached almost perfect for the freshwater stingrays.
Ten minutes later one of the baits was picked up causing line to slowly start clicking from the Okuma multiplier reel.
On winding down into the unseen freshwater stingray the heavy duty Okuma stand up rod began to creak as it took the full weight of the unseen Giant freshwater stingray.
Jamie held on tight as the Giant freshwater stingray moved powerfully across the riverbed seemingly unfazed by the big game tackle.
The Giant freshwater stingray continued to pull the boat a further forty yards before it decided to embed itself in the muddy substrate of the river.
The UK angler piled on the pressure from far above carefully notching up the lever drags on the twin speed Okuma reel to exert maximum pressure on the monster stingray from directly above.
After several tiring minutes the Giant freshwater stingray relinquished its grip on the muddy bottom embarking on yet another unstoppable run.
Jamie battled the unseen Giant freshwater for over an hour prizing the Giant freshwater stingray off of the bottom on several further occasions only for it to clamp back onto the bottom each time.
With the battle already exceeding an hour the Giant freshwater stingray was once again brought off the bottom causing the angler to wind rapidly on the reel to keep the freshwater stingray away from the bottom.
The Giant freshwater stingray slowly twisted and turned under the boat as the angler gently winched it towards the surface.
As the Giant freshwater Stingray exploded through the surface wildly whipping its tail the guides expertly stretched the net under the freshwater stingray completing the capture.
The Giant freshwater stingray was quickly brought to the riverside where veterinary scientists from Chulalongkorn University gave the stingray a full scientific examination.
The Giant freshwater stingray with a width of 1.39m’s was estimated to weigh 100kg’s+ and was identified as being a large male.
The freshwater stingray was released back into the river shortly after pictures were taken.
Jamie fished the Maeklong River for a further few hours but did not land any more freshwater stingrays.

Thailand freshwater stingray fishing


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