Thailand Giant stingray fishing Mae Klong – 28 12 2012

Japanese angler Hiroshi and his group continued their Thailand stingray fishing holiday with another days stingray fishing at the Maeklong River.

With the incoming tide pushing up water levels in the Maeklong River the anglers were soon positioned in a wide bend of the river with baits in position.

With the water levels rapidly rising they did not have long to wait before a Giant freshwater stingray picked up one of their baits.

Winding down into the unseen stingray saw the rod dragged down towards the water and line being pulled from the heavy duty Okuma muliplier.

The boat was quickly moved to follow the stingray which had already moved upstream on its initial run.

Quickly regaining line back onto the spool of the reel soon had the angler back in direct contact with the unseen Giant freshwater stingray.

The Giant freshwater stingray was soon clamped onto the riverbed seemingly with unmovable force causing the anglers to position the boat directly above the stingray and apply maximum pressure from above.

The Giant freshwater stingray was prised from the bottom on several occasions but each time managed to reattach itself to the bottom with a stubborn determination.

Finally after exerting huge amounts of pressure from above the Giant freshwater stingray was pulled from its sanctuary on the riverbed and brought up through the middle layers of the river.

As the Giant freshwater stingray was winched up from the depths towards the waiting boatside net the heavy duty stingray fishing rod creaked under the strain.

Seconds later the Giant freshwater stingray was pulled over the waiting net and carefully secured against the side of the boat.

The Giant freshwater stingray was gently transported to the riverside where it was allowed a few minutes for recovery before photography commenced.

The Giant freshwater stingray was estimated to weigh in the excess of 100 kg’s and was released shortly after trophy shots.

The Japanese guys returned to the productive area and managed to land another small Giant freshwater stingray which was estimated to weigh 25kg’s before the tide began returning to the nearby Gulf of Thailand calling an end to the days Thailand stingray fishing session.

Thailand Giant stingray fishing Mae Klong


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