Thailand predator fishing at IT Lake Monsters – 09 05 2009

Another visit to IT Lake Monsters in Ratchaburi saw Bangkok angler Brendan and friends in search of predatory monster fish.
An early morning start saw the anglers using medium weight lure fishing outfits with a selection of various Cultiva and Rapala lures.
The anglers adopted a roving approach and began to make a series of casts carefully trying to cover as much water as possible.

Slowly retrieving a mid depth lure quickly brought a response as an angry Redtail Catfish violently slammed into the lure.
With the fish firmly hooked the Redtail Catfish charged towards the centre of the lake in a series of deep powerful runs.
Fifteen minutes past with the fish characteristically hugging the bottom and fighting ever inch of the way to the net.
Finally the Redtail Catfish was brought over the waiting net and hoisted onto the bank.
The fish was found to be in excellent condition and was estimated to weigh 15kg’s.

Brendan’s friend Brad was soon into a much bigger specimen with his lure fishing rod being bent into its full fighting curve.
With line evaporating from the spool the angler was forced to follow the fish along the bank in an effort to regain line back onto the reel.
After once again winding into the unseen predator a large swirl emanated from the centre of the pond as the crimson coloured tail of a monstrous Arapaima aggressively slapped the surface.
The fish was clearly a good sized specimen and with the sight of the large Amazonian predator the angler played the fish with extreme care.
Twenty minutes later the Arapaima was finally netted and quickly transported to the nearby fish cradle located in the margins of the lake.

The fish which was estimated to weigh 35kg’s was allowed a short period of time for recovery before being released after photography.

The afternoon passed quite quickly with more predatory action falling to all of the anglers.
Asian Redtail Catfish, Redtail Catfish, Giant Snakehead and Alligator Gars continually attacked the angler’s lures as the anglers regularily changed patterns in an effort to out wit the fish.

A change to deadbait tactics in the afternoon saw the anglers hooking yet more predatory species with Sorubim and Sharptooth Catfish also making an appearance later in the day.
At the end of the days fishing at IT Lake Monsters the guys had amassed a 25 fish catch comprising of a wide variety of native and imported predatory species.


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