Twin brothers fishing Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok – 16 01 2009

Twin brothers and keen carp and catfish anglers Daniel and Jamie Flemming visited Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok in search of monster carp and catfish.
Choosing to fish from a large bungalow in the furthest corner of the lake the anglers fished a combination of sliding float set-ups and Method feeder tactics.
After heavily prebaiting a marginal area Jamie was soon into a fish which proceeded to charge towards the centre of the lake.
An arm aching fifteen minute battle introduced Jamie to his first Mekong Catfish. The fish was finally netted after a fifteen minute battle which saw the angler steering the fish away from the snags on several occasions.
After finally hauling the fish onto the platform the fish was estimated to weigh 23kg’s and released after a few trophy shots.
Twin brother Daniel was next into a fish which battled equally as hard as the previous fish and was finally landed after a ten minute struggle. The fish was found to be of a similar weight and released after a few quick photographs.
The UK anglers caught steadily throughout the day with numerous Striped Catfish falling for their Method feeder techniques.
In addition a steady stream of Mekong Catfish with weights upto 25kg’s kept the anglers busy throughout their short eight hour day session aggressively hitting the large balls of groundbait fished out into the centre of the lake.
At the end of the days angling the twin brothers had amassed a jointly caught thirty fish haul consisting of Striped and Mekong Catfish with weights to 25kg’s.


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