Fishing In Thailand

Fishing in Thailand for Giant Freshwater Stingray

The Bait

The bait of choice may be small fish sections or fillets but a favourite is the meat from Giant Freshwater Snails. Consider that the Stingrays main diet is known to be squid, various crustaceans, shrimps and prawns etc and Giant freshwater Snails.


This is the place for that 150lb breaking strain braided line of the best quality



We usually recommend and supply penn reels.


Penn rods in the 30 – 50lb class, powerful enough to break these monsters off the bottom.

Playing Techniques

Consider that you are fishing in Thailand for one of the largest and most powerful fish living in freshwater. They are in their element and you are battling these monster fish with a rod and line. Power and persistence is needed, these battles can last a long time. Once hooked A long drawn out battle can ensue which will see the Giant freshwater stingray regularly clamp onto the bottom in an effort to evade capture. After spending long periods fixed to the bottom the fish will then embark on unstoppable runs before once again clamping onto the riverbed. This epic tug of war can continue for over an hour before the Giant freshwater stingray can finally be brought off of the bottom where it can be played out in mid water. Does fishing in thailand sound exciting. It really is.

Fly Fishing Thailand
Fly fishing Bangkok Snakehead
Fly Fishing in Thailand at Lake Monsters

Fly Fishing in Thailand

Fly fishing in Thailand is a growing passion amongst visitors to Thailand. Many of the lakes and ponds and the larger dams lend themselves to fly fishing, with an outstanding and exciting outcome if you encounter one of Thailand’s true predator species. So what kind of tackle should I bring?

The Fly

Always the best place to start as the size of the fly determines the thickness of leader, weight of line needed to cast it and then of course the power of the rod needed to cast it. Most of the fly fishing in Thailand will be for surface feeding predators such as Snakehead. Streamers and Poppers representing fry, frogs and terrestrial food, are the order of the day and these can be large flies.

Fly Lines

Weight forward and shooting heads AFTM 9 – 10 and heavier


Large reels with ample room for 200 – 300 yards of backing and a superb drag are necessary


Powerful rods, of the type used for saltwater fly fishing are recommended, 9 – 10 feet long.


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