Freshwater fishing in Thailand offers the visiting or holiday angler a fantastic variety of species to target, many of these are native freshwater fish species of Thailand and can only be found in Thailand. Some have been imported and are thriving in Thailands ponds, rivers and lakes.

Many of the fish listed below are the species that we at target when you book a fishing holiday with us, many are strange and wonderful and some are true Monster Fish.

Alligator Gar



Atlantic Tarpon

Barb, Bony Lipped

Barb, Golden belly

Barb, Hampala

Barb Java

Barb, Mad

Barb, red tailed tinfoil

Barb, Smiths

Barb, Soldier River


Bass, Peacock

Boeseman Croaker

Carp Bighead

Carp, Black Shark Minnow

Carp, Catla

Carp, Common

Carp, Giant Siamese

Carp, Juliens Golden Price

Carp, Koi

Carp Silver

Carp, Yellow Cheek

Catfish, Albino Striped

Catfish, Asian Redtail

Catfish, Black Ear

Catfish, Chaophraya

Catfish, Crystal Eyed

Catfish, Firewood

Catfish, Giant Sea

Catfish, Goonch

Catfish, Marbled

Catfish, Mekong

Catfish, Niger Ripsaw

Catfish Pirariba

Catfish Redtail

Catfish Salween Rita

Catfish, Sharptooth

Catfish, striped

Catfish, Suckermouth

Catfish, Thai Shark

Catfish, Thick Spined

Catfish, Truncated Estuarine

Catfish, Vulture

Catfish Vundu

Featherback, Grey

Featherback, Indochina Blancs Striped

Featherback, spotted clown

Fire Eel

Golden Dorado

Goliath Tigerfish

Gourami, Giant

Gourami Kissing

Mahseer Blue

Mahseer Thai

Mangrove Jack

Marbled Sand Goby


Nandid Perch

Nile Tilapia



Picuda, Dorado


Smallscale Archerfish

Snakehead, Blotched

Snakehead, Cobra

Snakehead, Emporer

Snakehead, Giant

Snakehead, Striped

Sorubim, Barred

Sorubim, Spotted

Spottail Needlefish

Spotted Green Goby

Spotted Scat

Stingray, Cowtail

Stingray, Giant Freshwater

Stingray, Whiptail

Stingray, White Edged Freshwater


Wallago Leerii

Wallagu Attu

Wels Catfish

Zig Zag Eel

Scenic Views

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