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Koh Samet

Koh Samet is an island located in the Gulf of Thailand off the coastline of the province of Rayong, approximately 220 km southeast of Bangkok. Ko Samet is one of the driest archipelagos in Thailand. Ko Samet receives dramatically less rainfall than Rayong Province, even though it is only a few kilometres from the Rayong coastline.

The island’s “rainy season” extends only between the months of May to July, but even during the raining season it has significantly less rain that other islands throughout Thailand.

Koh Samet despite being an arid environment, consists of lush forested hills, covered with deciduous and evergreen forests in which cajeput trees grow in abundance.It is the Thai word for these Cajeput trees – Samet that the island is named after.

The majority of beaches are located on the Eastern coastline with Ao Wong Duean in the middle of the eastern side being one of the most notable. Ao Wong Duean stretches in the shape of an almost circle with fine white sand covering its shoreline.

Koh Samet belongs to the Khao Laem Ya-Mu Ko National Park and has a selection of limited entertainment venues and basic accomodation for the visiting tourist

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