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Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Mae Hong Son is one of the Northern most provinces of Thailand which borders the Shan, Kayin and Kayah states of Myanmar (Burma) in addition to the neighbouring Thai provinces of Chiang Mai and Tak.mae hong son tours thailand

Mae Hong Son is nestled in a deep valley lined by tall mountain ranges and is known as the City of Three Mists and is situated in a remote mountainous region of Northern Thailand famous for its natural beauty.

Mae Hong Son covers a area of 13,814 square km’s of dense jungles and mountain peaks and due to its high altitude is covered with an enchanting mist throughout the year.

In years gone by the jungles of Mae Hong Son were home to large groups of wild Elephants which were then trained and sent to Bangkok and other parts of Thailand for work duties.

With the recent introduction of an airport Mae Hong Son is now easily accessible to tourists visiting Thailand and is becoming increasingly popular with tourists seeking peace and tranquility or adventure and trekking.

Wat Hua Wiang

Wat Hua Wiang is situated next to Mae Hong Son market, Wat Hua Wiang is a temple with a large compound featuring a huge Burmese-style bronze Buddha image as its main focal point.

The compound also is comprised of a two-storey building with a multi-tiered tower.The temple’s buildings are slightly dilapidated adding to its ancient rustic appeal. In addition, the temple is reasonably busy due to the numerous monks housed on site. This is a nice Thai temple to visit.

Wat Pha That Doi Kong Moo

Burmese-style Wat Pha That Doi Kong Moo is situated almost 1,500 meters up Doi Kong Moo hill. The temple is famous for its panoramic views of the adjacent valley.

During the morning visitors can look out over mists and fog that gather in the valley below. This is one of the classic and everlasting views of Thailand which is often seen on postcards and is a genuine spectacle. If visiting the temple later in the day you will have a clear uninterupted view of Mae Hong Son town.

The temple itself is a highly impressive structure, with its two ‘chedis’ containing the ancient remains of monks from Myanmar. Located behind the two chedis is a large ‘wiharn’ and further up the hill you can see a large standing Buddha which is attached to the temple.

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