Samut Songkran Tours Thailand

The Maeklong Train Market Samut Songkran Thailand.

The Maeklong Train Market is located in the town of Samut Songkran on the banks of the Maeklong River 70km’s South West of Bangkok.This sprawling market covers a set of operational railway tracks which run through the centre of the town.

samut songkran tours thailandVendors lay out their wares on the tracks of the railway offering all manner of food stuffs and local products before quickly removing their pitches as one of eight daily trains runs through the town.

A trip to this most unique and authentic Thai market is a must for any tourists visiting the Maeklong River in Thailand, keen to get a taste for the real Thailand.

Maeklong Temple Tours Thailand.

The Maeklong River is one of the most beautiful parts of Thailand and retains an authentic character and charm.

In its lower reaches in Samut Songkran and Amphawa the Maeklong River is bordered by a myriad of majestic temples of various descriptions. Notable temples in Samut Songkran include Wat Ban Laem, Wat Phet Samut Worawihan, Wat Bang Kung and the Fisherman’s Temple.

Any visit to the beautiful and scenic Maeklong River and Samut Songkran would not be complete without a visit to some of the many temples which line its banks.

Amphawa Floating Market and Fireflies.

The sleepy and rustic riverside town of Amphawa is a perfect example of a rural riverside community in Thailand. Situated in the lower reaches of the Maeklong River near Samut Songkran the town of Amphawa consists of various riverside temples and small holdings linked by a series of Klongs (canals).

The focal point of the town of Amphawa is the Amphawa floating river market which is accessible by road and from the river. Located in a narrow canal just off of the Maeklong River the Floating River Market consists of various vendors who sell a wide variety of delicious Thai food and wares.

Tourists visiting The Amphawa Floating River Market for the first time will be greeted with the delicious aroma of hundreds of different exotic foods and fruits being sold by the traders in addition to the bustling the walkways filled with locals and other tourists.

The Amphawa Floating River Market is a must-see for tourists visiting the Samut Songkran area and is a perfect example of day to day life on the Maeklong River. When visiting the Amphawa Floating River Market it is possible to hire a local boatman to transport you there on the river.

Whilst visiting the Floating Market at Amphawa with a local boatman it is also possible to visit the adjoining klongs and view the amazing Fire Flies.

This awesome natural phenomenon occurs after nightfall when thousands of Fire Flies nesting in the trees omit a luminous glowing light which illuminates the trees and bushes along the waterside.

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