Our Carp fishing and Mekong Catfish holidays in Thailand offer anglers various exciting options to fish for the largest carp and catfish species in the world. We offer daily and weekly fishing tours at a variety of commercial fisheries and wild fishing destinations throughout the fantastic fishing destination, Thailand. This is high quality fishing with the best guides.
Carp and Catfish Fishing Bangkok

Bangkok Carp fishing at the Bungsamran Lake in Thailand. Daily and weekly Thailand Carp fishing holidays fishing for the largest carp species on Earth the Giant Siamese Carp.

Mekong Catfish Fishing Bungsamran Lake Bangkok Thailand

Daily and weekly Thailand fishing holidays fishing for Mekong Catfish at Bungsamran Lake Bangkok.Fishing in Bangkok for the worlds largest catfish species the Mekong Catfish in Thailand

Carp and Catfish Fishing No Nam Lake Bangkok Thailand

Daily Thailand Carp and catfish Fishing trips in Bangkok fishing for Thai Carp and Catfish species at Now Nam Lake, Bangkok. Fishing for Giant Siamese Carp, Rohu, Bighead Carp and various other native catfish species.

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