Snakehead fishing Khlong Yai Dam Rayong in Chonburi

Khlong yai dam sceneryKhlong Yai Dam at Rayong in Chonburi province offers quality lure fishing for Giant Snakehead and is located 270 km’s from Bangkok. Popular with local anglers and visiting lure fisherman Khlong Yai dam offers authentic wild fishing amongst a stunning backdrop of natural surroundings.

Our daily trips fishing at Rayong Dam begin with pick up in Bangkok at 04.00 am and see the angler transported via air conditioned Toyota Innova or minibus to the reservoir. The journey lasts approximately 2 hours.
On arrival at Rayong Dam (approx 07.00am) you will be greeted by one of our guides and boatmen before boarding a traditional longtail boat. The guide will then transport you to various areas of the reservoir before stopping at likely and productive fishing areas.
Rayong Dam is a highly scenic wild fishing location which has swathes of natural fish holding structure to fish amongst. Flooded forests and fallen trees can be found at various parts of the dam offering sanctuary for the highly elusive and sought after Snakehead.

Khlong-yai-dam-fishing for snakeheadThe fishing is suited to intermediate to experienced lure fishermen and requires a degree of accuracy when casting towards the various natural structure. As in all wild fishing situations anglers will need to work for every fish making the experience of fishing for such wild predatory species against such a scenic rural backdrop all the more exhilarating.

Whilst fishing on one of our daily Snakehead fishing tours anglers will be provided with a spinning outfit consisting of 6ft rod, spinning reel and a selection of lures suited to the fishing situation. Life
jackets are also available on request.
Whilst spending the day out on the boat anglers are advised to wear a long sleeved cotton shirt, sun glasses and wear sun block as there is little chance of shade from the sun.

Khlong Yai Dam in Rayong is fishable all year round but tends to produce the larger sized Giant Snakehead in the months of July-August.

A fine lure caught snakeheadAs well as daily trips we can also offer longer bespoke expeditions of two or three days or more incorporating accommodation at a local hotel or guest house at the clients request. With a selection of comfortable air conditioned accommodation available within 20 minutes reach of the reservoir.

Target species at Khlong Yai Dam include Giant Snakehead, Striped Snakehead and Hampala Barb with fish averaging 3-7kg’s and the possibility of something much larger always a chance.

We also offer wild lure fishing at several other reservoirs and dams in the surrounding region for Snakehead and other native predatory species at the nearby Dok Krai dam and Khlong Bang Phai reservoirs.

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