Jakub Vagner Big Fish Man Thailand

Jakub Vagner Big Fish Man

Jakub Vagner is a Czech born adventure fisherman who has travelled the world in search of monster fish. Jakub Vagner is the host of several highly acclaimed fishing shows most notably ‘Fish Warrior’ and ‘Jukub Vagner Big Fish Man’ which have aired on Discovery Channel and Quest TV.

Big Fish Man Thailand Stingray Show

In 2015 Fishsiam was approached by a TV production company working on a new show for Discovery called Big Fish Man with Jakub Vagner.

After several months of planning Big Fish Man Jakub Vagner arrived in Thailand to start his Giant freshwater stingray fishing adventure with Fishsiam.

The start of the trip saw Jakub embarking on a journey down the Chaophraya River in search of the legendary Giant freshwater stingray.

Accompanied by Fishsiam guides the adventure angler navigated his way downstream to the gulf of Thailand before meeting scientists from Chulalongkorn University to assist in Giant freshwater stingray research at the Maeklong River.

Jakub Vagner with only limited fishing time at his disposal caught several Giant freshwater stingrays in the first few days of his fishing adventure at the Mae Klong River, unfortunately the stingrays were all relatively small in size with no monsters making an appearance for the cameras.

Jakub Vagner big fish manJakub continued his search for Giant freshwater stingrays at local fish markets in addition to searching for bait in the muddy flats at the riverside. With only two days left of fishing at the Maeklong River, Jakub finally hooked a much larger specimen.After a protracted battle the Big Fish Man finally brought a large Giant freshwater stingray up from the depths which was quickly netted. On inspection, the Giant freshwater stingray was observed to be a large male and was measured at a width of 1.73m’s making it one of the largest male stingrays that we have ever landed.

The Giant freshwater stingray was estimated to weigh 160-170kg and was released after a scientific examination by Dr. Nantarika Chansue and the VRMC team from Chulalongkron University.

Tune into Big Fish Man now showing on Discovery and Quest TV to see the full account of Jakub Vagner’s amazing Giant stingray capture with Fishsiam in Thailand.


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