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Fishsiam has contributed numerous articles about Fishing in Thailand to many and various angling related press and media companies. Below is a selection of recently published articles featuring record breaking monster fish caught by the Fishsiam team and the innovative methods used in these groundbreaking captures.

Fishing the Bang Pakong River for Giant Freshwater Stingray


Giant Freshwater Stingray Conservation


Fishing For Giant Freshwater Stingray


A Fish That Time Forgot 

Fishing in Thailand for Giant Freshwater Stingray – Part 1…

In Search of a Legend

In search of the biggest freshwater fish on the planet, the Giant Freshwater Stingray in Thailand…

Fish for Giant Freshwater Stingray in Thailand: Part 1

In the first part of this exciting new series, Fishsiam, top angling guides in the Anglo-Thai holiday company, describe the mighty giant freshwater stingray and it’s equally awe-inspiring home, the Ban Pakong River in Thailand…

Fish for Giant Freshwater Stingray in Thailand: Part 2 – Area 51 

In Part Two of this fascinating series, fishsiam, write about their first experiences with the World’s biggest freshwater fish, the Giant Freshwater Stingray..

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