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Etangs De Breton

Five lovely carp and catfish lakes all set close together on a very private estate in north-west France. All the lakes are fully legal, registered and insured in France. Collectively known as Etangs De Breton- the lakes contain an excellent head of both common, leather and mirror carp. These include carp to well over 40lb, with many 20lb and 30lb specimens. The lakes also contain numerous Wels’ catfish to 140lbs plus the usual coarse species.

Anglers Net
Elton Murphy’s online fishing magazine and lively forums.

Gardner Tackle
Gardner have been developing advanced carp and coarse fishing equipment since 1980. As original innovators, ever since those early days we have continually strived to achieve perfection and set the standards that other companies have had to follow.

Bury Hill Fisheries
Day ticket carp, coarse & predator fishery in Surrey, England, offering the best fishing lakes south of England, UK.

Blinker Magazine 
An excellent German language angling magazine for the fishing enthusiast.


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