Barb, Golden Belly (Hypsibarbus wetmorei‏)

barb golden belly

The Golden Belly Barb is a native Thailand freshwater fish which is indigenous to the Mekong River basin, Maeklong River and Chaophraya basin in Thailand in addition to being found in the Malay peninsula.
The Golden Belly Barb is a member of the cyprinidae family of fishes (minnows and carp) which has a deep scale covered body displaying a brown to green coloration on its dorsal side giving way to a vibrant Golden or Yellow coloration from its lateral line down to its abdomen.
The Golden Belly Barb displays prominent orange colored pelvic and anal fins and favors forest streams , small rivers and reservoirs such as Khao Laem Dam in Kanchanaburi.
Whilst not a particularly large fish by Thailand’s standards the Golden Bellied Barb or Golden Belly Barb is an extremely pretty looking fish and a welcome capture when fishing with light tackle.

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