Carp, Koi (Cyprinus Carpio)

carp koi

The Koi Carp is a domesticated ornamental variety of the wild Common Carp which has been extensively bred in Asia for ornamental purposes.
The Koi Carp is a sub species of Common Carp which covers a wide spectrum of bright ornate colouration and display a striking variety of brilliant red, orange, white and black markings.
This species can occur in various freshwater habitats and are particularly prevalent throughout Japan and various other parts of Asia.
The Koi Carp in Thailand is rarely captured by anglers and is more commonly seen in ornamental ponds and pools and is present in small numbers in some commercial fisheries but is rarely caught on rod and line.
The strikingly beautiful markings of the Koi Carp make it particularly prone to predation from the various waterways in Thailand.
Koi Carp subsist on a mixed diet of aquatic plant matter and various insects which inhabit the pools and lakes in which they are present.
The beautiful Koi Carp is present in very few waters in Thailand and is often placed into rivers and lakes during religious merit making ceremonies and is not a fish which is caught regularly whilst Carp Fishing in Thailand and is sometimes caught whilst fishing for other monster carp species.
This Asian carp species can be caught on standard carp fishing techniques in addition to delicate float fished presentations on a variety of baits such as worms, maize, paste and cereal groundbait.

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