Carp, Yellow Cheek (Elopichthys bambusa)

carp yellow cheek

The Yellow Cheek Carp is a cyprinid species (carp species)with a range which extends throughout Asia from the Amur River in Russia through China and the Lam River in Vietnam.
Yellow Cheek Carp have a streamlined body which has a salmonoid or trout-like appearance which inhabits fast flowing riverine and rapid environments throughout East Asia.
This asian Carp species can reach a length of two metres and subsist on a varied diet of small insects, small fish and other aquatic invertebrates.
The Yellow Cheek Carp also holds the distinction of being the only carp species with teeth and in its wild water environment in maturity is believed to hunt in pairs in a similar manner to Taimen.
This species is easily distinguished by its elongated and streamlined salmon-like body which is completely covered in minute silver scaling.The Yellow Cheek Carp displays a yellow to golden hue throughout its gill covers making this obscure carp species easily recognizable.
The world rod caught record for the Yellow Cheek Carp currently stands at 42kg+ which was landed in China several years ago.
Yellow Cheek Carp have recently been imported into Thailand and can be caught from EFT in Phang Nga and Palm Tree Lagoon in Ratchaburi.

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