Catfish, Asian Redtail (Hemibagrus Wyckioides)

catfish asian redtail

The Asian Redtail catfish is a member of the Bagridae family of catfishes and has a wide distribution throughout the Asian subcontinent. The Asian Redtail Catfish is the largest Bagrid Catfish in Asia.
Asian Redtail catfish are present in various river systems contained in the Chaophraya and Mekong basins in addition to the Malay Peninsula, Cambodia, Borneo, Java and Sumatra.
Asian Redtail Catfish subsist on a diet of live and dead fish, crabs, mollusks, insects and prawns. Asian Redtail Catfish favour rocky bottoms with irregular depths and swim in some of Asia and Thailand’s wildest rivers.
This species of asian Catfish is easily identifiable with a long muscular body which displays a dull grey colouration throughout its body and has a distinctive bright red coloured caudal fin (tail).
The Asian Catfish has a broad head with wide mouth and is equipped with several maxillary barbels (located on either side of the mouth). The predatory Asian Redtail Catfish keenly seeks out prey fish with these sensory barbels (whiskers) which are packed with highly advanced sensory receptors.
The predatory Asian Redtail catfish uses its highly sensitive barbels to seek out prey items in the wild and murky waters of the Mekong River and is a highly ravenous feeder reputed to eat literally anything it can fit into its wide cavernous mouth.
The fish has a fan shaped dorsal fin and anal fins also display a red colouration with the streamlined body of the Asian Redtail Catfish being completely devoid of scales.
The Asian Redtail Catfish has been described by aquarium enthusiasts as being the most aggressive Catfish species in the world and is a highly advanced freshwater predator.
The Asia Redtail Catfish has extensively been extensively stocked into various commercial fishing lakes and ponds throughout Thailand and is also present in various river systems and reservoirs where it has reached weights to an astonishing 80kg’s.
Asian Redtail Catfish are caught regularly whilst fishing in Thailand on a variety of conventional fishing methods which include lure fishing and bait fishing with assorted live and dead fish baits.

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