Catfish, Black Eared (Pangasius larnaudii)

catfish black eared

The Black Ear Catfish in Thailand is a rarely captured Siluriforme and is a member of the Pangasiidae – Shark catfishes family of fishes and is easily identifiable by a large black spot above the base of the pectoral fin and a black longitudinal stripe along each caudal lobe.  The Black Eared Catfish has a pronounced dorsal fin and pectoral fins with a strong spine and long, filamentous rays which make it obviously related to the Chaophraya Catfish. The Black Eared Catfish is very similar to the Chaophraya Catfish in appearance with the addition of a large distinctive black marking behind its pectoral fins.
The Black Eared Catfish is a scaleless monster freshwater fish species which is native to Thailand and is a powerful and predatory carnivorous catfish species that occurs in medium to large-sized rivers in Thailand and Asia where it inhabits deep pools in the river actively hunting prey fish.
The Black Eared Catfish is found in rapids and riffle and enters flooded forest areas in the raining season during its migration into floodplains where it spawns at the beginning of the flood season.
The Black Eared Catfish subsists on a varied diet of shrimps, small fishes, gastropods and plants and in the wild waters that it inhabits.
Although a relatively rare capture in the wild the Black Eared Catfish can still be caught whilst fishing in Thailand at several fishing lakes and ponds such as IT Lake Monsters. Black Eared Catfish are caught occasionally on live baits when float fished in the upper layers.

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